• Hi, i just dyed my material today with idye poly blue. It was a 2 meter fabric. I have thoroughly read and watched the videos, still not sure, exactly for how long i should soak this lemgth of fabric in dye? (1.3 kg takes 1/2 hour)
    I poured boiling water in a small tub, put my dye and colour intensifier, left it for 15 mins and dried it. It looks alright, but i wana know is it fixed enough? As im afraid it wud lighten after i wash. Or is that time duration enough?
  • Hi Been,

    With iDye for Polyester and polyester fabric it is imperative that the fabric and dye be in a rolling boil bath for between 1/2 and one hour.
    Pouring boiling water over the dye, intensifier and fabric is not sufficient to ensure fixation regardless of how long you leave it. You must maintain a full rolling boil of the fabric, dye and intensifier for 1/2 to one hours.

    Hope this helps,
  • Hi Ann,

    Thanku so much for such a helpful reply :) u undersood very well what i was trying to ask..will surely follow it..Tc
  • You are quite welcome.