Fashion Week DIY inspiration !
  • Hi Annette/DIY'ers

    I like painting jeans - just when i was thinking of doing lots of color on jeans i saw the Versace mens runway collection and they did these- im thinking whether to use sodium alginate with strong dye on a sponge brush to do this effect - the reason is that i would like to be able to wash it multiple times in the washer/dryer without any hassle of paint coming off with long term usage- i like to keep my clothes as a collection so none of what i do is just for the moment only- Please let me know your thoughts- thanks!



    Annette: Remember the jeans that i did weeks ago? Those are now on Margot's glittersweatshop blog :)

    Thanks again !

  • Sorry i forgot to write: My concern with using dyes is Vibrancy of color- would that be a problem with dyes?
  • Oh....these pants are brilliant.
    Dyeing is one of the best ways to get vibrant, long lasting colors. You can paint them on and with thickeners can really control application, squirt them on from bottles, dip the fabric, use resist techniques to create patterns - the options are endless.
    We have several different types of dyes and choosing the right one starts with the type of fabric you'll be using. I can't wait to see what you create when you get started!
    I went to Margot's blog - very cool to see your pants there.

    thanks for sharing these more thing for my list!
  • Hi Annette, Thanks for the information- im going to try painting with sodium alginate- would i need to make the dye solution much more concentrated for such a vibrant effect?

    You should do a pair too!!!!
  • Our standard recipe calls for 1/2 to 2 teaspoons per 1/2 cup of alginate mixture - I'd go with the 2 teaspoons to get the most vibrancy. What really make the colors pop is the steaming process.
    I am planning to do a pair - though I think I'm going to use our SolarFast dyes - I'll definitely post a pic when I get them done.
  • Thanks Annette- would i need to steam the cotton jeans too to get a vibrant effect , if i use fiber reactive cold water dyes ? Looking forward to seeing what you do !! :) good luck !
  • Unless you pre-soak the jeans in a soda ash solution, yes. If you use this method remember to use a separate container for the dye which you will be dipping your brush into, about 2 tablespoons of dye solution at a time. The brush picks up soda ash and if you transfer that to your main container of dye it will begin to react - miserable results if that happens, i can tell you from personal experience! Once painted, you can simply batch the jeans as you would any with regular batch dyeing method.

  • Ah, i see ! Thank you Annette, that's great to know! Looking forward to seeing the pic of your DIY soon:)