• Ok I have a question I cant find the answer to anywhere.

    If I dont want to use the whole jar of Jacquard with 8 oz of water and I just want to make enough dye to paint say 8 oz of wool roving, how much dye would I use with how much water ? sorry if this doesnt make sense image
  • Good morning!

    First, just to be clear, this discussion refers to Jacquard Acid Dyes.

    What you are going to want to end up with, when you set out to mix your dye, is a 4 to 8% dye to water solution. If, for instance, you want to end up with a cup of dye to paint with you'll figure your solution so:

    1 cup water = 237ml = 237 grams
    237 grams x .04 = 9.37 grams = .33 ounces

    so...about a 1/3 of an ounce of dye powder to 1 cup of water will give you about a 4% solution for painting. The 4% solution is going to be sufficent for nearly all colors - if you are working with Navy, Jet Black, or Brown you'll want a stronger solution.

    (to create an accurate 4% solution you would subtract the weight of the dye powder from the total water weight to end up with a grand total of 237 grams of solution - but that's taking it beyond what most of us are concerned with)
    I hope this helps - and makes sense