vinyl sulphon black is bleeding!
  • I've had good results in the past using vinyl sulphon with just tap water, however I recently had an issue with the black bleeding. I've had this 32oz bottle of black for a while, couple years maybe. What's the self life of vinyl sulphon and would age cause washout issue?
  • Hi there,

    I'm going to have to check with the chemist on that - the time frame helps and are you able to send me the batch number? It will be near the UPC code - usually a stamped number.

    I'll get back to you on Monday with an answer and if you have the batch number that will help.

  • Hi Annette!
    Thanks for your quick response!
    The batch number is #35087.
    ~ Nancy
  • Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for the batch number. The chemist is going to check that out although he did say he doesn't think it's too old.
    A couple more questions - can you describe the type of bleeding you are experiencing - is it back staining during rinsing? running during steaming? something else? That will help us narrow down what might be going on.

  • After steaming black silk hankies for an hour, color continues to wash out in some cases to a light gray. Rinse water is 110 degrees F. I did an additional heat set with vinegar in microwave for 3 minutes and still having washout issue!