Using color magnet with ice dyeing
  • Can you stencil a fabric with the color magnet, dry thoroughly and then ice dye? Can you use more than one dye doing this? Afterwards can you use the bleaching type products Jacquard has to add yet another dimension to the fabric?
  • Yes, yes, yes and yes!
    I will caution that when using direct application methods like ice dyeing your contrast between the designs create with color magnet and the balance of the fabric can sometimes be less contrasty - this is because you are using a high concentration of dye so the untreated fabric will dye darker, too.

    hope this helps
  • Awesome! Can't wait to try it!
  • Might use Dy Na Flow instead with the color magnet if the ice dying doesn't give me nice results.
  • Ooops! Dye-Na-Flow won't work with the Color Magnet at all. Because it is a water-based acrylic pigment it is not compatible to the Color Magnet which is designed for use with dyes.

  • Oh, ok, Thanks!