• Hello, I'm Joie and new to dyeing. I love to rag quilt, crochet, make jewelry, craft, make bath & body products that work for mine and others sensitive skin and anything else that interests me. I am an avid reader, I am a stay at home mom (to a little girl) and foster mom (to abandoned newborn kittens). I am an experienced bottle feeder for newborn kittens, the youngest litter I fostered were 2 days old. I work with a no kill sanctuary (Friends For Life in Gilbert Arizona) and each kitten goes to their new forever homes with their own rag quilt (approx crib size) made by their first Mommy, me.
    I am looking forward to having fun making the flannel I want instead of relying on the textile companies to decide what is best on any given season. I'm so excited to learn from all you great artists, even though I am strictly an amateur. I hope none if my queries seem strange or silly! So very glad I found this forum so I can minimize the potential damage I cause. I'm only sort of kidding....☺️
  • Welcome, Joie! Glad to have you here - and bring it on! We love to answer questions!!
  • Thanks!
  • I'm pretty new to this painting and Dyeing on silk, I have no one to ask here in Denver because no one here does it. So all of the large art supply stores carry minimal stuff, I am left to guess. I built my silk stretcher frame and everything is is about 95% ready to go. I did my reading on silk and it roughly talks about prep work. So here I am...lol I have 4 lingerie bags of silk, not yet washed. Do I place all of them in the washer at once add the 1/4 cup of Synthropal and wash in warm water for 10 minutes or 10 minutes in Hot water?

    Not all the bags are full of scarves, I added only 2 different types per bag and wrote them down so they wouldn't get to mixed up.... I may be over thinking this.

    I know after the wash I am supposed to iron them or should I hang to dry? or can I stretch it?

  • Hi Wingtip,

    If your washing machine can handle all four bags of silk then I'd say go for it. Warm water is sufficent for prewashing the silk, 3 to 4 tablespoons of Synthrapol should be plenty for the load.
    Drying is your choice, you could iron them if you like, I'd not stretch until they were dry, as it is possible to 'tweak' the weave when the fabric is wet.
    Mostly, have fun!
    and let us know how it goes...

  • Thanks Annette

    I did end up Ironing all 4 bags of silk, it only took about 8 hours lol. My gf thinks I'm nuts but I do have as of this Christmas 39yrs being an artist.

  • ok now I have a new question, I stretched my silk and I am seeing lines form in the fabric before I placed anything on it does this mean I need more hooks or different hook placement? oh yes the Silk dry.
  • Hi Wingtip,

    You gave me a good chuckle! 8 hours of ironing - the sign of a true artist - embracing the process!
    Regarding the stretching, if you are seeing lines, like valley and ridges, then yes - you probably need more hooks.