What is the Instead of to steaming wool
  • After printing by washfast acid dye, Paste sodium Alginate

    Really I want escape from steaming wool . I have a large amount piece wool fabric, and large size, this will take much time until end,
    What if I'm make fabric hanging on a ropes , inside a closed room, and make room temperature 60c or 70C or 158f ,
    and left for 10 hours .

    Is this could be an Instead of the process of steaming

    What is the best solution for fixative acid dyes , far from the steaming

    thank you
  • Hello,

    To my knowledge steaming printed Acid Dyes is the only way to ensure wash-fastness. Temperature alone will not suffice, the steam is necessary and it is also necessary to bring the temperature with steam to at least 200f/94c.