Jacquard Textile Paint Coagulated
  • Hi - I am in the process of directly painting on canvas and heavy cotton and opened some newly purchased paints. The Ruby Red, Navy Blue and Black seem to have coagulated for lack of better term. I think they are still useable but very hard to mix. I have also found that certain colors are thinner than other colors. I don't see any dates on the bottles so it's hard to tell when they are manufactured. I think it must just be old stock which I shouldn't be paying for. I would take them back for replacement, but it's too far to go back. Has anyone else had this issue and can I add more than 20% water to return to a useable consistency? Thanks for your help.
  • Hi Spike,

    Can you check for batch numbers on the bottles, please? They will be stamped numbers near the UPC code.

  • Hi Annette-the batch #’s are 32549, 35402 and 32554. Thanks