not getting Silver Grey (iDye), not sure best method for re-dyeing
  • Hi, I just tried to dye a 100% cotton duvet cover silver grey (it was pure white, abt 4lbs of fabric), using 2 idye packets in a front load washing machine. I followed the instructions carefully, put it on longest wash cycle, then interrupted and re-started it to get a longer wash. I put the water on the hottest setting, but I'm not sure how hot that is.

    The result is not grey - it's more like a grayish/reddish brown. I'm trying to decide next steps and would love some advice. Here are my options as I see them:
    - Do it again with black iDye in the washing machine - with this option I worry it won't end up grey, or will end up very dark...then again, given what happened this time, seems likely that the color won't be too strong.
    - Try again with 2 packets of silver grey on the stovetop, however I'm nervous that the duvet cover will be a little squished in the pot I have (I have a huge pot for canning, so it's possible it would work). If I do this, assuming there is enough space for the fabric in the pot, do you think it is likely I can get the silver grey color?
    - Switch to procion dye? Which I believe has to be on the stovetop, right? What are benefits of the procion?

    Basically in terms of space the washing machine is better, but in terms of color I think the stovetop is going to give me a lot more control.

    Thanks!! Sorry for the long post.
  • Hi there,

    I choose the Prcion MX option:)
    Because it is a cold water dye you can dye without the constraints stove top dyeing creates. Check out the instructions at the website and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Thanks Annette,

    I went to get procion mx dye in gray, but they only had jet black. I have not used it yet, as I am hesitant to assume that I can make gray by simply using black in a different proportion. However, I do see that charcoal gray and dark gray are in the procion color mixing chart, and use only the jet black dye. Any thoughts on this much appreciated!

    Thanks so much
  • Hi again,

    ....I recently dyed some cotton fabric using the Procion MX dye and got a nice deep grey, unfortunately I didn't write down my recipe. The good thing to note is that it was a cool grey rather than the warmer grey you got with the Black iDye.
    What I'm not sure about is what effect the warmer grey is going to have on the next dye job. I'm a little afraid that it might remain a bit warmer than you want.
    Sorry I don't have a more definite suggestion, but were it me I'd go ahead and try the Procion MX Black using the Dark Grey recipe.

  • thank you so much for responding! I'll give it a try.
  • Let me know how it turns out!