• I am a beginner here. I would like to try no flow. The instructions say it is hard to get out after steaming. Yet the colours must me steamed to fix. Can I use this product with dyes that I steam set?
  • Hi Rebekah,

    You can use No Flow on fabrics that will be steamed. It does take a little more effort to remove the No Flow from the fabric, but not at all impossible.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks Annette, Does more effort mean more washing? Synthropol? I usually use baby shampoo on silk with cool water. Will this work?
  • Yes, it does mean more washing - Synthropol is good to use for the dyes, but I think any liquid detergent would be fine. I also think you'd have better luck with warm water - it doesn't have to be hot, but the warmer water will penetrate the No Flow better.