indigo dye is not lightfast
  • I used an older kit - bought two years ago but never was opened and had all three packages. It never gave me much of a bloom but the fabric turned out fine - or at least it still looks good. Now two days later the vat is blue which is probably due to having the vat open all day when dyeing but closed after that. I added 10 grams of the reducing agent, mixed up, covered and now an hour later no change. Could the reducing agent be too old? Or do I need to add more. The vat is in the dye studio/garage which is warm. Thanks
  • The bloom or flower is not as important as the color of the dye. If most of the dye is not green, that is an issue.

    10 grams of reducer is not that much, I would suggest adding more. A helpful tip if you need more is that the color remover is the same stuff.
  • Hi, If I want to learn shibori folding in many patterns for indigo dyeing, can you suggest the shibori book for beginner ? Although there are online resources but I assume to get more techniques from the book. Thanks
  • Shibori: The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist Dyeing by Yoshiko Wada is really good and has a lot of nice designs in it. Unfortunately, there are tons of Japanese books that haven't been translated to English yet that are also very good, but this is a great place to start.

    Shibori for Textile Artists by Janice Gunner is also really good. I like the first one best though. Anyone else have thoughts?
  • Hi,
    Do you have an experience to dye leather with indigo? see the following websites, it is interesting.