Hello! Dye-ing 1st & 2nd Clip Mohair
  • I am trying to dye some lovely goat mohair for some high end dolls. I am using the jacquard dyes but cannot seem to come up with color combinations that look truly "human". I have seen others do this so I know it can be done. I used the brown jacquard dye and an off white mohair but the result has a brassy or almost orange tint to it. Can you suggest what colors might work best for this project? I need to be able to color a brown, lt brown, blonde and pale blonde first. Any and all help is welcome! Thank you
  • Hello to all the doll makers and mohair dyers! Your cohort needs your help...
    I'm not going to even try to advise here...not having any experience with trying to achieve these shades/tones, but I'm sure there is some one out there that has the experience you are looking for.

  • :( No one replied. I still need help! Thank you in advance