speed up drying of green label silk dyes before dye setting?
  • Hi,
    I've only used this technique a couple of times before and this time I am working on a project with family from out of town. They are leaving tomorrow and had hoped to take the dyed pieces with them. We've just finished the dying part and are waiting for them to dry before washing them in the chemical fixative. We just noticed the instruction that says to wait at least 24 hours. Does anyone have any experience with pushing this limit? We could do the dye-setting wash tomorrow a.m. and it would be more like 17 hours. Will this blow it completely, or just make the dyes slightly less vibrant? Note: the resulting project is going to be a wedding canopy -- not something that will get worn & need to be washed in the future.
  • P.S. we're using what I think folks are referring to the green label Jacquard dyes, on silk.
  • Hi Becca,

    First, 17 hours would be fine. The reason we recommend the 24 hours is to ensure complete drying as well as allowing the dyes a bit of time to 'react' with the fabric.
    However, because this project is a wedding canopy and not going to be washed in the future AND if you are CERTIAN that the piece is not going to get wet and bleed you could get away with foregoing the dyeset portion of the project.

    hope this helps
  • thanks, annette! this does help. a couple more questions. we have left a lot of the fabric white. does this mean we're better off not washing it at all, so that none of the dye that washes off gets on the white part? not washing it would mean not washing out the resist but we think that might be okay for this purpose.
  • most welcome!
    And...with large areas of white you could indeed end up with back-staining. Silk has such an affinity for dyes that even during the dye-setting you might end up with the white areas picking up some of the color that lets go from the painted area.
    If you can live with the resist lines and (again) are sure that the piece will not be getting wet then, were it me, I'd fore go the dyeset/rinsing portion of the process.
    ...please notice I said 'if it were me':)

  • awesome, thanks! based on your input, we're thinking we won't set the dye now, and after the wedding if they decide to try to turn it into a quilt or something, do some dye setting process then. Thanks SO much for the timely help!
  • glad to be of help - and mazel tov to your friends!