Is Synthrapol really necessary?
  • Hi, currently run a small business selling tie-dye t-shirts. Have been using Synthrapol, but in an effort to cut costs have been thinking about stopping. (My current art supplier doesn't stock Synthrapol and I have to get it imported, so it costs me around €21 just for one bottle.) I just use it as an afterwash to remove excess dye so that the product doens't run on the customer. What if I just wash the t-shirts with regular washing powder after dyeing and include washing instructions saying something like "Wash separately for first few washes to remove any excess dye that may still remain". Would love to hear your thaughts on this, would this be fine, or do you think if my t-shirts are being sold that I should definitely use Synthrapol? Would save me €21!

    Many thanks in advance,

    Thomas Emms
    T's Tie Dye Ts
  • Hi Thomas,

    I think your plan to switch to a washing powder is probably just fine, particularly if you include instructions to was separately or with like color for the first few washes. Suggesting cold water washes for the life of the garment would be good, too.