Painted Overalls?
  • Hi, I wanted to painted a pair of denim overalls for my little boy. I used Neopaque, and loved the results - and then it cracked! Help!! Can the overalls be fixed and what did I do wrong? thanks
  • Hi, its states in your heading that you answer ALL questions relating to your products.....can you please anwer my question about Neopaque cracking and what to do to avoid this?????
  • Hi,

    My apologies for missing your question we do try to personally answer every post.

    Crazing is the result of shrinkage forces exerted during the drying process. It may be possible that you have applied the Neopaque too thickly for the fabric to absorb and hold the color. The heavier the paint application the greater the risk of crazing happening. Neopaque is by nature a thick paint so apply it sparingly in the future.

    Now how to fix this is a different matter. The only way to do that is to repaint the areas that have cracked. There are acrylic products on the market that help preventing crazing and these are normally added to the paint for fine art pouring applications. GAC800 from Golden Artist Colors is one such product and can be added to the paint and may help prevent cracking for future applications. The ideal scenario though is not to apply the paint too thickly in the first place.