Rayon & spandex blend
  • Hi, I'm looking to dye a dress chocolate brown. It's 95% rayon, 5% spandex. Should I use the idye & idye poly mix? Or just the acid dye alone? I've used Rit in the past with mixed results, looking to find another brand. (Also, in the past Rit sometimes wouldn't dye the thread but would dye the fabric- is that common for a dye? If so, how of you avoid that?)
  • Hi Jolie,

    My guess is that the spandex portion of the weave isn't going to be visible to the eye so shouldn't affect the final color at all. That being the case you'll only need the iDye for natural fibers. (Acid dye won't dye the rayon at all)
    As for the undyed threads - that's pretty common. Often garments made of natural fibers are sewn with polyester threads (though sometimes the threads will be acrylic or nylon) so if the dye you are using is specific to natural fibers or not designed to dye a specific fiber you'll get undyed threads.
    And...that is the one reason you might want to add the iDye Poly to your mix for dyeing this dress - it has most likely been sewn with polyester threads so any top stitching is going to remain undyed if that is so.

    hope this helps
  • Thanks for the response! It's very helpful! I also have another dress that I'm considering dying. It's 95% viscose, 5% elastine. I'm assuming the same answer applies?
  • Glad to be of help.
    I'd presume the same about the viscose dress, the elastine is probably woven into the fabric in such a way as it is not visible to the eye.

  • Ok, thanks! I'll update you with results!
  • Awesome, I love it when folks let me know how things went!