Water based Resist
  • Just to clarify the steps in using the clear water based resist and dye-na-flow... I drew out a pattern with the resist then added a wash of color with the dye-na-flow. Now to wash out the resist I first have to heat set the whole fabric using an iron and THEN put it in warm water to dissolve the resist, correct??
    Thanks :)
  • That is correct!

  • Annette,
    does the Airfix or No-heat fixative have any quality to interfere in this case? would it make it hard to wash away the resist? Any reason not to use those here?
  • Lauralee,

    Using the AirFix would make heat setting unnecessary. However, one does have to add the AirFix to the paint before application so in this particular case it wouldn't work as Nadineac had already applied the paint.