96% Polyester 4% Spandex Dress
  • I got this dress at Savers for $4 so I'm not too attached it. I'm wondering what will happen when I boil it. Since the spandex content is pretty low, will the adverse effects be noticeable? Thanks!
  • Hi Yolanda,

    With that percentage of spandex I wouldn't hesitate to try and dye it with iDye Poly. There is a very slight chance that the spandex will 'wilt' noticeably, but I'm betting it will be unnoticeable.

    hope this helps
  • My I-dye pack says polyester garments have to be simmered on the stove top - but the garment label says wash at 40 degrees. Won't simmering wreck it? What do the manufacturers think?
  • Hello,

    There is always a chance that the high temps required for dyeing with the iDye Poly could damage the spandex components of the fiber - if your washing instructions indicate a lower temp for washing, and if you are very attached to the garment I would hesitate to encourage you to try. If, however, you really want a different color (to the point that you'll not wear the garment otherwise) then I'd say go for it...
    This is really a decision that you'll have to make with the understanding that the higher the content of spandex, the higher the chances that the garment will be adversely affected.