Mixing pearlex together
  • Hi everybody

    I have just found this great product. What I am wanting to know is, can these pearlex pigments be mixed together?? I tried to mix two colours together and came up with a brown colour. For example, if you have a pink and you want to make it a little paler, can you add white to achieve this.
  • Hi there,

    Well I just finished my own little experiement - and yes indeed, adding just a smidge of the #684 Flamingo Pink to about 1/3 tsp. of the #651 Pearlwhite did create a paler pink color. I imagine you'd want to start out with a very, very small amount of the colored pigment when adding to white (with most all color mixing - I mix dark into light just a little, little bit at a time).
    When mixing other colors - a red and a blue for instance - keep in mind that a number of the Pearl EX pigments are designed to give you color shifts, which means that there may be multiple colors in 'one' color and that could affect your outcome. (I tried a smidge of the #686 Turquoise into the #684 Flamingo Pink and ended up with a dusty mauveish color)
    As always, experimentation is a good idea and even better, fun!