Dyeing a Rayon Acetate blend fabric
  • Hello! I have several rayon acetate blend (about 50/50) dresses that I would like to try to dye to refresh the color. Some have been discolored from perspiration and some the color has started to change from blue to a pinkish color. Any suggestions?
    Thank you, Janet
  • Hi Janet,

    You could over dye with Procion MX which will dye the cotton portion of the fabrics. Dyeing the acetate portion is more difficult - it would be necessary to use a Basic Dye. We do have that product, but it is available only in 1 pound quantities.
    All that said, because you want to simply refresh the color I would suggest trying just the Procion MX first and you may find that sufficient to bring back the color. One thing to keep in mind, the perspiration discoloration may not cover completely - often when overdyeing stains or discolorations of this type simply get darker.

    hope this helps,
  • Hi Annette,
    Would the Procion MX dye the rayon? There is no cotton in the fabric blend. Just rayon and acetate.
    Thank you,
  • Hi Janet,

    Yes, the Procion MX will dye the Rayon.