Sprinkling Pearl-Ex like glitter?
  • Hi, I have been searching for some mica powders to use in lieu of glitter and came across Jacquard Products and this great forum. I would like to use redliner tape (double-sided, super-strong craft tape) to create design elements on things like store-bought glass vases or bowls, then sprinkle Pearl-ex on the tape to create metallic effects. It appears that unless I set or seal the Pearl-Ex somehow, the powder/color can rub off. Two questions:

    1) Could I heat set with something like a blow dryer or even a low-grade bake in the oven?

    2) Could I simply spray or paint it with some sort of sealer like Mod Podge or Diamond Glaze?

    I'm very intrigued by the beautiful colors and potential effects but do want to make sure there is a way to make this pretty permanent. My thanks in advance to anyone who could help me.
  • Hi,
    Yes to both of those questions if you need to do either of those applications. Pearl-Ex is Mica and is just pigment that can be added to pretty much anything.
  • I'll post on what works best when I complete the project!
  • Hey Molly E, did you finish the project? How did it turn out? Which did you prefer? Did either change the color?