Painting walls?? and larger qtys??
  • Has anyone had any experience painting walls with either Lumiere or adding PearlEx to regular wall paint? I want to redo my bathroom walls with a sponging technique using Lumiere, but don't know how it will do on walls, or how much to get.

    Also, is it possible to purchase it in larger quantities than the 4 oz. bottles?

    Thanks for your help!
  • Hi,
    Lumiere will work well on the wall as it is an acrylic and will stand up to a fare bit of wear and tear. Yes you can also mix Lumiere or the Pearl-Ex into acrylic house paint. Do a test first!
  • Hi - I had a similar question. I was at Lowe's a couple days ago & they have this gold pearl ex-looking powder that you have the paint people add to the gallon. It's the same amount of powder as what you get the bigger pearl ex container, so I thought, why not pearl ex & then I could add the silvery sheen I desire. So, still looking if anyone has mixed into a whole gallon of latex.Hopefully someone will have had actual experience so I know if I need one container or two...
  • Hi,

    The amount of Pearl-ex will vary depending on the intensity of color desired and the opacity of the base shade chosen to add the pearl-ex to.

    As with my other post. The more transparent the base shade the better the result will be. However as a ball park 4-8oz of Pearl-ex should be sufficient to tint 1 gallon of transparent house paint. Pearl-ex is widely available in .75oz and 4oz sizes. Do a test first!

  • Hello.
    Lumiere is available in gallons and Pearl Ex is available in pounds (the price varies depending on the color). Call customer service 1-800-442-0455 to order Pearl Ex in the 1lb size direct. Remember to test like Celia recommended!!! Especially before buying large quantities.
    :) Test, test, test!!

    Have fun!

  • i have used the gold additive from the hardware store when painting a room. if you try to get the same results with pearl-ex you may be disappointed. the reason is that you would be adding pearl ex to an opaque paint, which would possibly obliterate most of the gorgeous glow from the pearl ex. the additive from the store has the metallic glitter that is coated with a resist of some sort. when you add it to the paint and then apply, it actually pushes the paint off each speckle allowing it to shine through. this resist is time sensitive, and breaks down with time.(not after applied, just pre-application). this is why you can't buy the paint with the glittery stuff pre-mixed, the paint would break down the resist, and then you wouldn't see very much glitter when applied. you must mix in the glitter right before you apply to the walls.

    if you want to use the pearl-ex, one thought might be to paint the walls the color you like, and then as a final coat (and added protection) maybe you could add the pearl ex to a clear acrylic sealer, and then brush on as a glaze over the whole wall? i would do some research first into which acrylic sealant or glaze would be best for that application.