Fabric weight?
  • Hi, bought some Procion MX dye, soda ash and Synthrapol. It says: "soak fabric in a mixture of 1 cup soda ash to one gallon water", but doesn't say what weight of fabric this is for, like it could be 1 t-shirt or it could be 5. If someone could tell me what weight of fabric/how many t-shirts this will soak would be much appreciated. Also when it says "in 1 cup water mix 2 teaspoons of dye, I presume this is for the same weight of fabric?

    Many thanks in advance:-),

  • Hi there,

    You can soak as much fabric as can be completely wetted by the gallon of solution so you can do one shirt or five or 10 shirts. Even then, if you do not use all the solution, it can be saved for pretty much ever.
    As for the dye, you are mixing for tie dye, yes? If that is the case you mix your dye solution and apply directly to the fabric. One cup of dye solution will go along way. As an example, our 5 shirt kit includes 3 six ounce bottles for mixing up one each of red, yellow & blue dye.
    When I am dyeing I use 3 to 5 colors per piece and mix up about 8 ounce of dye per color and expect to be able to color at least 10 shirts (adult medium to large) and often have extra dye left over.

    hope this helps