symbol for new posts, getting answers, ect.
  • Hi There!

    I just left a post, and I noticed the symbol by the forum section name did not change to show there was a new post. It does however say "Today" in the column for "New Posts".
    How do you know when there is a new post to answer? Do you get a notice, or do you check in now and then. How long does it take to receive an answer in general? I check back, maybe too often. If all posts are answered, say, once a day - I would know not to check back until the next day. Or twice a day if they are answered twice a day, ect.
    Knowing this would be a big help.

    This site is a great help! Thank you so much for making this all available! Personalized help is not so easy to come by any more, "very":cool:" to all of you!
  • Hi,
    I receive an email notification that there is a new post. I try to answer them immediately if I am near my PC. Otherwise they get answered as soon as I get access to a computer. Sorry I can't give you a more definitive answer than that but we do our best to offer a prompt service.
    Regards Celia