• I was so excited to try my new solar fast film to create my own negatives from photos and seem to be having issues. After printing onto the film/transparency, the ink is coming off on my fingers and leaving smudge marks where I touched it. What am I doing wrong??
    Part 2: When I place the transparency/negoative on my fabric that has the solar dye, do I place it with the print side down? or maybe it doesn't matter since I'm not doing a transfer-
    thanks for any ideas advice you may have!!
  • Hi there,

    Oh, you are going to have so much fun with the SolarFast!
    If your ink is smearing off the transparency you've printed to the wrong side. You'll want to make certain you are printing to the side that has the film. A good way to ascertain which side has the film is to very slightly dampen your thumb and finger - even just breath on them - and slide your thumb and finger along either side of the transparency - the side that drags is the side with the film.
    As for placement of the transparency on the dye - I've found it a good idea to keep the film side up, away from the dye. Otherwise the moisture from the dye can cause the film to cloud.

    don't hesitate to ask if you have more questions - and have fun!!
  • Thanks Annette! just saw your post. Still experimenting and have had some success.