Need HELP with synthetic shoes. Please help!!!
  • I am new here and have never dyed anything before. I want o dye faux suede boots. I purchased a pair of tan faux suede boots in tan but need them in black. I looked online and there are a couple methods of dyeing these. One method was adding water to acrylic paint and painting them. I had an old pair of boots with the same material and tried this method. They did not come out well. The material is now firm and when rubbed the paint comes off. I also read I can buy idye poly add that to a pot on the stove, add some salt and dye for 10 minutes. I think the shoes could handle 10 minutes on the stove but no more than that. Do you think that would work? Is there a a way to dye or paint these and keep the material feeling soft and not looking painted? Also, would I need a fixing agent since I wont be washing them. Just wondering because you never know if you'd get caught in the rain while wearing them. I guess I could avoid wearing them on cloudy or gloomy days ; ) just wouldn't want to be wearing boots and have them start to run! Any suggestions would be great!
  • Hi K,

    We have just the thing for you - Dye-Na-Flow. This is a very transparent, dye-like, very flowable paint that leaves little or no feel on fabrics. It will work very well to color your boots.
    You might want to test on your old boots as there may be the slightest bit of feel left behind due to the binders in the Dye-Na-Flow, but I think you'll find it works beautifully.
    Because you'll not be washing the boots in the future you'll not need to set the Dye-Na-Flow, simply let them air dry for 24 hours before wearing them.
    Here is the link to the Dye-Na-Flow page:
    If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.

  • I just have a question related to the comments above, seeing as you are not setting them, does this mean you cannot wear them in the rain? Thanks
  • Hi Clara,

    Generally speaking, the Dye-Na-Flow will self cure for the purposes of wear - even if they get wet from the rain.

    hope this answers your question.