Fabric paint and resist
  • I just finished using the water based resist for the first time on some fabric. I have finished painting the fabric and am ready to set the paint using my iron.
    My question is, is the water based resist affected by the heat of the iron? Should I place something underneath the fabric before heat setting? My concern is that the resist might come off or stick to the ironing board while I am heat setting the fabric paint.

  • Dear Bkegirl, Lay the fabric face-up. Put a very thin piece of cotton fabric over the image. Iron using cotton setting thoroughly about 20-30 seconds over each painted area. Wash in cool water to soften clear water based resist then in hot to remove, or if it is permanent resist, then wash as usual. The only caveat is that if it is permanent resist, and if the resist line is built into a thick line in relief then it may soften a little while heat setting so be careful not to push the top fabric into the resist line where it may stick at little bit. I hesitate to even mention it. I only know of the possibility so I mention it to make you aware. It will all work great.

    Michael Katz
  • Thanks Michael - The piece of fabric I painted is a test so if something doesn't work out it's ok. Just wanted to use the best procedure to see how things will work out.