Nylon Taffeta Jackets
  • I am getting married in April and we are having a mountain wedding. I found the perfect snowboard jackets for my 7 bridesmaids but they are bright white nylon taffeta. I was wondering how hard it would be to dye them light teal-blue or black. If it's possible what type of dye would work? I am not experienced in the dyeing field so should I have it professionally done? Who would I contact for that? How much am I looking at spending?

    Also, if it snows or rains will the dye bleed onto the dress?

    Sorry for all of the questions... I REALLY appreciate the help!!


    Here is the link for the jackets if that helps:
  • Your link says that those jackets are water-resistant. Unfortunately, this means that they are also dye-resistant. You probably will not be able to get a smooth solid color on water-resistant fabric, if it takes the dye at all.

    You say that you'd like to dye the jackets black or teal blue. Did you notice that black is one of the available colors?

  • Paula,
    Yep, but they only have 1 large and 4 smalls. The white is the only color that has all of the sizes I need. I think my best bet is waiting until the 08' jackets come out. I appreciate your help!!!!! You really saved me a lot of hassle!