Lumiere on Leather shoes
  • I have used this paint to repaint some LEATHER sneakers, and have noticed that it creases very noticeably. I have read on some other forums that one can improve the paints flexibility by adding acetone to the paint is this correct?
  • Hi,

    Acetone breaks acrylics down and I would not recommend adding acetone to the paint to increase its flexibility. If the leather is tanned or treated this could cause the paint to have a lesser degree of adhesion thus causing the creasing effect. I would recommend water to dilute the color or add another polymer medium if needed. If you can, remove the finish from the leather before applying the paint this may help. Also note that when applied over a darker or contrasting color the paint will appear to have a more pronounced effect if cracked.

  • Thanks, for the info!

    I do use acetone to remove the original finish from the shoe first before applying the lumiere paint. It looks great.

    the michael's store where I get your paint from only has the lumiere and doesn't have the your other neo-opaque paint.

    Is this neo opaque similar to the lumiere and usable on leather as well.

    if so, I should be able to use it to paint on top of the lumiere or vice versa with out any problems correct?