Silver grey
  • I used the stovetop iDye Poly method to dye my ivory window valances the silver grey. They are very dark grey, which is fine, but there is a dark blue hue to them. Should I try dying them again with Gun Metal or Black? I'm open to any suggestion!!
  • Hi there,

    You could try to over dye with the Gun Metal or Black and that will darken the valances consideralbly (as you are dyeing over an already dark color) and will most likely knock out the blue hue as well.

  • Gun metal looks a little blue - I think I'll try black and not keep it in as long as I did for the silver, since it was soooo very dark. Wish me luck.
  • I am having the same problem: The grey looks slate blue rather than grey. Don't really want it any darker. Would I have to remove the color and try a few minutes in black to achieve an actual mid grey shade?
  • I ended up re-doing the valances in black for about an hour on the stove and am happy with the result. Light shining through the open weave (valance) makes it appears a dark gray, like charcoal. I can still see the blue just a little, but I am the only one that sees it. My husband thinks I am crazy. Good luck with a light or mid-gray with no blue. I don't see it happening!