Searching For Silk Gauze
  • I have taken up laminated felting and bought a beautiful shawl that was made by a woman's coop in Kirigistan. They used a very soft open-weave silk gauze. I am unable to find this type of silk gauze in any internet searches. I think the mm must be 1 or 2. When you do felting with this type of gauze the fibers get wavey and look really wonderful. Does anyone know of where I can find an open weave low mm silk fabric? A friend bought a piece at a Hobby Lobby store being sold as netting for draperies but that was a couple years ago. I have done extensive searches on the internet but most silk gauze comes in 3mm and higher. Darhma Trading suggested using bleached harem cloth but I don't believe this will have the same sheen and softness and the fibers may not "wave".


  • Hi,

    Try this site see below or call 1800 442 0455.