Dyeing Bamboo/Wool yarn
  • I've been working with some bamboo/wool/nylon yarn, and I'm wondering if the Acid dyes can be used to dye the bamboo fibers. Would a mordanting with Soda Ash do the trick? Or will the acid dyes (with vinegar) only dye the wool portion of the yarn, and the bamboo portion require Mx dyes with soda ash? The fibers are carded together quite thoroughly, so a skein dyed with only the wool dye has a shimmery quality from the undyed bamboo.
  • Soda ash is not a mordant, and it will not help acid dye to react with a cellulose fiber such as bamboo. You'll need either fiber reactive dye, such as Procion MX, used with a high pH (from soda ash) which may damage the wool, or a direct dye which will dye the cotton without requiring a high pH, but which is not nearly as washfast as the fiber reactive dye.

  • Paula -- thanks for the information and the link. I'm glad to see you touch on the Alter Ego Dyes on your page -- nice to know a little bit more about the make-up of this cool product!