versatex jacquard ink
  • screen printing inkfor fabric and paper (comes in tubs).

    does anyone else use this?

    if you quickly turn the tub upside down is it thick enough that it will stay where it is or is it more like the thickness of gravy?

    Ive bought 2 lots, the first lots was stodgy and thick and worked perfectly, the second lot was runny like gravy and seeped through my mesh.

    I need to know which tub was dodgy because i dont want to buy more only to find its too runny again.

    This is the ink i have :
  • Can you tell us which color was thin and also the four letter code printed on the label? The cosistancy of all colors, but black and white should be simailar. M. Katz for Jacquard
  • opaque white, pink and black were all runny.

    The details on the black pot are :

    328 black
    batch 15558
    bar code- 743772332800