Airbrush Pearl Ex Outside
  • Hi there.. just purchased some Pearl Ex for Airbrushing and plan to apply it to ceramic tiles for outdoor use.. 4 questions:

    1. Can I apply them directly to my handmade bisque tiles straight from the jar?

    2. Do I need to apply any kind of covercoat to help them withstand outdoor conditions?

    3. Will the colors remain bright and unaffected indefinitely outdoors?

    4. Can these colors withstand heat at all without adverse reaction (i.e. firing in a kiln after application at cone 018 or so?)

    Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi,
    Pearl Ex must me mixed into a clear medium of some sort as it is pure mica pigment and won't adhere to the surface without it. The tolerance to heat actually varies from color to color. Some colors appear to withstand firing in glass etc. and others don't fair so well. So do a test first.
    Pearl Ex is fairly stable but no color will withstand direct sunlight indefinitely. To maintain color intensity and saturation apply a good UV varnish over the piece.
  • Hi Celia, thanks for your quick reply! I have the 4 oz. jars of "Airbrush" colors, maybe I am incorrect in assuming it is "Pearl Ex" It looks like it is ready to use right out of the squeeze bottle, it is liquid. It is marked "Airbrush Color" right on the bottle. Am I right to assume it is good to go without mixing since it's a liquid?
    Also, do you have a recommendation for a "good UV varnish"? that will work best? I'm kind of new to this medium.

    Thanks again! Rob
  • Hi,

    I am a bit confused because our Pearl Ex is definately a powder. So if you have air brush color is it Jacquard or another brand? Here is a link to the info page for Pearl-Ex.

    There are several good A good UV varnishes out there. Golden make one Blair and Krylon make a variety of finishes and varnishes.

  • Hi Celia, I was mistakenly referring to the product as Pearl Ex.. here is the correct link:

    I guess all of the great info you gave me still applies?

    It says on the label to heat set on nonporous surfaces.. do you know how long or at what temp?

    Thanks :)
  • Hi,
    Set the paint at a temperature that is as hot as the surface will bare and generally for 2-5minutes.
  • Hi Celia, sorry to be such a pain! The ceramic tiles can withstand temps of 2000 degrees F so I'm guessing it should be a bit lower than that ;)

    I have access to a dryer that runs at 320 F for 3 mins (for curing screenprinted goods) will that work?