Painting with Acid Dyes
  • I love your powdered acid dyes. I want to use them for painting on silk. When do you add the vinegar? With immersion you add it to the bath. What do we do to paint with them? Do we spray our silk with vinegar? I do not see vinegar in the instructions.:D

  • Hi,

    Below are instructions for making paints using the Acid dyes . You don't need vinegar with this recipe.

    Acid Dyes for Silk Painting:

    Add 8 oz. (1 cup) of very hot water to one .5 oz. Acid Dye Powder. Stir until dissolved. This will yield a very concentrated dye solution. Most colors require further dilution. Note: every color has a different solubility. Some colors are difficult to dissolve such as 605 and 618, but most are easily dissolved. The final concentration of the dye solution for painting should be between 4 and 8%. Start by adding 4 oz. (1/2 cup) of water to the 8 ounces you already have, test the color and continue adding water until desired shade is achieved. Keep in mind that the color intensity really develops in the steam setting process. Most colors will remain stable in solution for a long period of time. However, some colors will fall out of solution upon cooling or from sitting for a matter of weeks. To restore them simply heat them on the stove. A small amount of alcohol (about 1 tablespoon) can be added to the dye solution as a wetting agent.

  • Thank you I tried them today! Now all I have to do is get this steaming thing down.:eek:
  • after painting, how long do you let silk dry before steaming? and how long do you steam?
  • Hi,
    24 -48 hours is good.