Problem applying Dyna Flow inside resist/gutta lines
  • I used Jacquard's water-based resist in silver and drew a butterfly on a 8 mm silk scarf ("flat crepe scarf"). I then mixed several Dyna Flow colors. I used them full strength so water dilution wasn't the problem, but when I touched the silk with the brush, using a small amount of Dyna Flow, the Dyna Flow didn't spread evenly. Instead it flowed out to the edge where the resist line was and formed a dark line of the color along the inside of the resist line. (It didn't break through the resist which is the usual problem people have!) The middle section where I "touched" the silk with the brush faded out to a light color, so the section just looked blotchy. Why didn't it create an even color throughout? I tried to fix it by applying color again, but it only looks worse because now I have dried lines in the middle. Help! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi,

    It is not uncommon to get the type of halo spread that you described and this can happen with either DNF or dyes. The pigments in the color will collect along the edge of the area in a concentrated band.

    DNF is an acrylic and will not redisolve after it is dry and acts almost like a primer on the silk thus preventing furhter colors from spreading.

    Unfortunately now that the color is dry you'll have to work with what you have and either disguise it with a pattern or design over the top of the mistake. :(

  • Thanks so much for your reply. When I used a thicker silk (12 mm crepe de chine), I didn't get that halo spreading. The color spread evenly throughout. I just don't like the thicker silk because the resist lines don't hold very well. Is the Dyna Flow less likely to create that halo (which really doesn't look good) with a thicker silk? Again, thanks advance for any help you can give.

  • I actually LOVE the halo thing and use it in much of my work!