Shrink plastic and PearlEx powder
  • I want to use PearlEx powdered pigments on shrink plastic. Will it stay on, or do I have to seal it after it is finished? I used the powder before I shrink the that right? It looks great, but it seems to rub off....any hints???
  • Hey there!

    Pearl Ex is great on shrink plastic! Be sure to sand the shrink plastic before applying the Pearl Ex then heat to shrink as per manufacturers instructions. My experience has been that the Pearl Ex stays on the plastic very well after shrinking but if you are having problems you can put a top coat of Pearl Ex Varnish (or any other clear sealer) on the project.

    Happy shrinking!
  • I echo the other forum member's answer. I took a class on this exact topic and, as opposed to chalk, the instructor stated that pearl ex would stay on the shrink plastic. [It's especially dramatic on black shrink plastic] But she also said that if we have problem to give it a quick spritz of acrylic enamel (gloss or matte) or varnish.