washing instructions for painted t-shirts
  • I recently stenciled a few t-shirts using the fabric paint. As the website suggested, after the paint dried I ironed the shirts then waited 5 days before washing. (I washed with cold/warm water, then put it in the dryer.) To my grave disappointment, the colors ran. It didn't dye other fabrics in the wash, but just spread over the shirt. Any suggestions on how to prevent running before I try it again?
  • Hi Sharq

    Oh that's a bummer! Specifically which paints were you using and how long did you heat set them?
    Generally speaking the paints often require more heat setting than one may think. It's important to keep move the iron very slowly, even leaving it in an area without moving for as long as possible without scorching the fabric. What you are doing is "melting" the binders in the paint onto the fibres in the cloth. You need to allow time for the heat to do this. I often press both sides of the fabric I have painted to insure a good heat fix. You can also pop your project into the dryer, on the hottest setting the fabric will tolerate, for about 20 minutes or so after you heat set with the iron, to give it a little extra umpf.

    Do a test on a scrap of something before you try another shirt, just to get your technique down.

    Good luck! and write back if you still have problems.

  • I'll try that. thank you so much!!!