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Basketry Workshop with Peeta Tinay

Immerse yourself in a 2 day, all Inclusive basketry workshop (held 10am-6pm both days)

Are you new to basket making or always wanted to take a workshop? Come cut your teeth on a challenging and rewarding beginning basket. Made baskets in the past? Come brush up on your skills and learn some new techniques and perspectives about basket making. Students will learn the twining technique, the fundamentals of materials selection, basket shaping, and the importance of tension while making an approximate 15" diameter x 3" tall basket.

Baskets will be made from multiple diameters of round reed which lend textural interest. The split spoke and twined construction of this basket base will boast a colorful spiral pattern. There will be vibrant colors to choose from for the basket base as well as black and brown round reed for those with a more subdued palette. All round reed will be pre-dyed (with Jacquard Basic Dyes) and prepared for this specific project.

Requirements: age 18+; hand strength required.

Cost: $300 (2-day workshop, 10am-6pm each day)

Click here for more information or call (707) 242-3400.

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to Mar 26

Mix, Marble, Crackle and Pour: 4-Session Course with Lynn Busch

Get ready to explore the exciting and invigorating world of experimental art in this 4-session course. Learn how to create a variety of marbled and textural effects to use alone or incorporate into other works of art. We will use acrylic mediums, resins, Jacquard’s Marbling Color, and Jacquard’s Piñata Alcohol Inks. This is mixed media at its best!

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5:30 PM17:30

Jacquard Jagua Temporary Tattoo & Henna Tattoo Demo With Sarah Stackley of High Five Henna

  • Wet Paint Art Materials & Framing (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Curious about tattoos? Want one but not forever? Come see Jacquard’s Jaqua Temporary Tattoo and Mehndi Henna Kits in action on a live model.

The fabulous Sarah Stackley of High Five Henna will demo and explain the basics of Jaqua and Henna, show how to mix Henna and Jaqua so you get the best results, share tips on using the bottle and more. There will be worksheets, so you can practice traditional designs and time for Q+A.

Cost: FREE

Please register by calling 651-698-6431 or CLICK HERE to visit Wet Paint's website.

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