elinor peace bailey

Doll designer & maker, fabric designer, author, illustrator and mother of 10 (ten!) — elinor peace bailey is a doll making dynamo!

She has written "Mother Plays With Dolls", "The Rag Doll From Plain to Fancy", and recently, "Two Doll Makers Meet In the Middle", published by Krause. elinor has self published 65 doll patterns and 7 books which cover doll making from the simple to the complex. She is an industry consultant, designer, and illustrator working with, among others, Bernina of America, Fairfield Process, Concord Fabrics, Crafts Magazine, and Prym Dritz Corp.

About the making of one of her dolls:
"[It was] made with Stabilized Fabric (discontinued) using the pattern of the doll to trace around & then dye with Dye-Na-Flow, Tee Juice, rubber stamps, Neopaque and Lumiere. I then cut out the fabric – peeled away the paper and sewed up the doll. I have found this Stabilized Fabric wonderful. I've been touting it all over."

About herself:
"First thing to know about me – I'm the mom of 10 kids. That's my first commitment. That's also what's helped me sharpen my skills as a gatherer and I'm good at it...I'm able to pull together parts that work well together and create the bridge between them and then describe the bridge so other people can see it too."


Jacuard products used: Dye-Na-Flow, Tee Juice Markers, Neopaque and Lumiere