DIY Flowers with Wood Veneer

by: Victoria Whitaker

Add a touch of intrigue and whimsy to any floral arrangement with your own handmade flowers using ARC Crafts wood sheets and Jacquard’s Lumiere.


DIY Flowers project - materialsFor this project you will need the following:

  • ARC Crafts wood sheets
  • Jacquard’s Lumiere
  • Jacquard’s Piñata Alcohol Ink
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Optional pin backing if making brooch or boutonnière

First cut your wood sheet into petals of two sizes. The larger size is about 2 inches in height with a tapered end and a wider scalloped top. The smaller size is about an inch tall and with a rounded top and a slightly tapered end. Leave a strip of wood paper for crating the center of the flower later.

Arrange 7 petals into a circle and then unite them by glueing a circle in the center. Glue an additional 3 large petals in the center. Next glue the smaller petals one at a time in the center of the circle creating two layers. Once the gluing is complete, use your finger to curl the edges of each petal. 

Now you are ready to paint the edges of your petals using Jacquard’s Lumiere. Lumiere is  metaclic and pearlescent flexible paint. The flower to the left was painted with hi light red giving it a subtle frosting which catches the light. Some Lumiere colors, such as hi light red,  are a bit transparent and can be used to paint the entire petal and still allow the wood grain to show through.  

For the center of the flowers, use Jacquard’s Pinata alcohol inks to stain a strip of ARC Crafts wood sheet. Here black was used, but Pinata comes in a variety of colors. Staining the center in a red of yellow would make a bright and bold summer bouquet pop. Once the ink has spread through the wood, cut a piece into a circle. It does not have to be perfect. Next, carefully fringe the edge of the circle.  Then curl and rub the fringe to give it some texture before gluing it into the center of your flower.   

These beauties can be used in a variety of exciting ways. A beautiful bridal bouquet, unique centerpiece, a glamorous headband, the list goes on! If you would like to make smaller flowers for creating a brooch, boutonnière, or hair barrette, simply glue the smaller petals into two layers and apply a pin or barrette back to the reverse side. The possibilities are endless.

Please share your creations with us!

Finished project