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 Body Art Transfer Paper

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Body Art Transfer Paper

Body art made with henna and jagua lasts a long time (up to two weeks) and creating a new design directly on the skin can be nerve-wracking. When it comes to giving yourself, your friends or your clients a temporary tattoo, Body Art Transfer Paper can provide peace of mind. It is especially useful for transposing designs from paper (a sketchbook, magazine or even computer screen, for instance) to the skin. It is also helpful for imagining symmetrical or otherwise complex designs on the contours of the body, which is not exactly a flat surface, after all.

Simply draw or trace a design on the top surface of the Transfer Paper and the pressure of your pencil will create an impact impression on the backside that can be easily transferred to the skin. Once transferred, simply trace the design with the henna or jagua. In this way, Body Art Transfer Paper can give you the road map and confidence to create flawless designs.

Body Art Transfer Paper is a Spirit product brought to you in partnership with Jacquard. Trusted by professional tattoo artists for decades, Spirit Paper is behind virtually every great tattoo. Jacquard is excited to make this essential design tool available to henna and jagua artists for the very first time.

10 Transfer Paper Sheets

8.375" x 11.875"/21.27 cm x 30.16 cm  (Item JAC9725)

How it Works:

Whenever you write a check, you are making an impact impression. The Transfer Paper works the same way and allows you to transfer that impact impression onto the skin. Then the design may be easily traced with jagua or henna to create a tattoo.

STEP 1:  Preparing the Transfer Paper

Remove the inner sheaf of brown paper from the Transfer Paper “sandwich.” This is a just a protective sheet that can be discarded when you are ready to use the Transfer Paper.

Transfer paper steps

STEP 2: Creating the Design

A. Using plenty of pressure, draw directly onto the white surface of the Transfer Paper with a pen, pencil or stylus to create a design.

OR: Place a printed image on top of the Transfer Paper and carefully trace it, using plenty of pressure and making sure not to move the image while tracing. Wherever pressure is applied will create an impact impression on the backside of the white paper, which can then be transferred to the skin.

B. Once the design is complete, use a pair of scissors to cut around the periphery of the design. Leave a margin of about .5 in/1.3 cm between the design and the edge of the paper.

STEP 3:  Preparing Skin for the Design Transfer

A. Apply a thin layer of Transfer Cream, lotion, deodorant, water or oil to the skin at the site of the tattoo.  

B. Rub the lotion into the skin so it is moist but there is not a thick layer on the surface.

STEP 4: Transferring the Design

A. Carefully place the transfer design onto the moistened skin (backside down) and hold for 10-15 seconds. Do not move the paper once it has been placed on the skin, as this will cause blurring and bleeding of the design.

B. Carefully remove the paper and let set for a few minutes before proceeding.

Save & reuse the design: you should be able to transfer the design to the skin several times!

STEP 5: Preparing the Design for Jagua

Dry the skin by patting with a paper towel or cloth. Once the skin is dry, trace the design with the jagua or henna applicator.