Airbrush Clear Extender Medium

Add to Airbrush Colors to increase transparency, dilute color and extend the mileage of the paint without affecting viscosity or compromising its adhesive properties.

Airbrush Clear Extender Medium is a non-pigmented binder system that dries clear. Like Jacquard Airbrush Colors, it has excellent adhesion on a variety of surfaces, superior flexibility that resists cracking & peeling on fabric & leather, and is unsurpassed for ease of spraying.

4 fl oz/118.29 ml Item JAB2150

Variety of uses:

  • Thin Jacquard and other thick acrylic paints to decrease viscosity for spraying.

  • Use as a textile medium to modify artist or craft acrylics to improve washfastness and durability when applied to fabric.

  • Use as a protective topcoat on any paintable surface.

  • Use as a base for mixing custom colors from powdered or dispersed pigments such as Pearl Ex.