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Concept, Passion, Materiality and Craft: East with Susan Stover and Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

March 7-11, 2018, EncaustiCastle, Lexington, KY

Instructors: Susan Stover and Patricia Baldwin

The simplest of materials, the humblest of tools, the sincerest of results. Tar. Rust. Wax. Found materials. Come try something old, in a new way~ Whether you work intuitively or with fully formed ideas, this workshop will explore the threads that run through our work, what drives us to create, what draws us to work with certain materials, and how we can hone our skills to complete our best work. Join artists Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch and Susan Stover for this in depth intensive at the EncaustiCastle in Lexington, Kentucky. This all-inclusive retreat explores all Sue and Trish have developed with materials, ideas and what inspires their practices, in expectation that they can help to further your own individual direction. This is an investment of deep exploration in encaustic with intense focus on tar and rust interplay. 

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Exploring Lands(cape) with Pattern and Encaustic: A Wine Country Retreat with Susan Stover and Lorraine Glessner

April 16-20, 2018, 10:00am - 4:00pm each day, Atelier One Artist Studios #8, 2860 Bowen Street, Graton, CA

Instructors: Susan Stover and Lorraine Glessner

The mark of nature combined with encaustic painting creates timeless works which reference memory, change and time. Whether inspired by patterns and textures of distant lands or the immediate environment, we will utilize the natural luminosity, textural and layering possibilities of encaustic in combination with pattern and repetition on fabric and paper. Participants will experiment with innovative materials, drawing and marks to depict the spirit and essence of the land as each chooses to define it. This workshop focuses on the creation of intricate patterns, expressive personal surfaces and complex, multi-layered pieces utilizing and in combination with encaustic painting techniques such as patterned collage, stencils, candy molds, tjaps, and pyrography (creating marks with heated metal and wood burning tools). Considerations such as using pattern and repetition to support and/or strengthen content as well as presentations by both instructors on their inspirations and how it relates to the subject of lands/landscape will also be discussed. Daily walks exploring the area’s vineyards, orchards, redwood forests and the Pacific coast are led by Susan and Lorraine and will provide the inspiration for which to develop ideas while also developing your personal artistic voice through listening, mapping, touching, collecting and communing with nature through all of the senses. Optional individual critiques with both instructors will be offered to all participants.

**Please note that participants should be prepared to spend time outside as well as in the studio. In the event that participants are unable to participate in the workshop walks, participants are welcome to opt out and alternative outdoor creative exercises will be provided.

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