JAC932R Large Tie Dye Kit Display

Tie Dye Displays

Free standing cardboard displays and fillers.

12 Kit Display and Filler

Display only: Dimensions: 38" x 12" x 9" - Height does not include 17" x 24" header. (Item JAC932R)

Filler only: 12 each - Jacquard Large Tie Dye Kits.(pictured right) (Item JAC912D)



JAC944R Funky Groovy Display

Funky Groovy Display

Display includes 36 Funky Groovy Tie Dye Kits.

Dimensions: 45" x 21.5" x 12.5" - Height does not include 21.5" x 12.5" x 12" header. (Item JAC944R)


Also available
Funky Groovy Tie Dye Display and Funky Groovy-Indigo Display