Shawl Pin

by Linda Hollander

Create an elegant, one-of-a-kind pin, featuring Jacquard's Pearl Ex, to secure your shawl with this detailed Shawl Pin project by artist Linda Hollander.


  • Premo Sculpey Soufflé (Polymer Clay)
    • Poppy Seed #6042 (2 oz block)
    • Turnip #6516 (2 oz block)
  • Premo Sculpey Accents 
    • 5303 Gold (2 oz block)
  • Sculpey Super Slicer #ASBSET
  • Sculpey Satin Glaze #ASG33M
  • Jacquard Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment #691 Solar Gold
  • Makins Clay Texture Sheets Set A #38001
  • Clay conditioning machine (recommended) or Sculpey Acrylic Roller #AS8AR
  • Smooth, non-porous cutting surface (ie: a ceramic tile)
  • Circle cutters in 2.5" & 1.5" diameter
  • Ovenproof baking tray
  • Cardboard tube 
  • Scissors
  • Wooden BBQ skewer
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • Jacquard Lumiere #561 Metallic Gold paint
  • Craft knife
  • Paint brush
  • Baby wipes
  • Aluminum foil

Conditioning the clay

Condition ½ blocks of Gold, Turnip, and Poppy Seed clay before use by running through clay conditioning machine until pliable. (Note: condition Gold first, then Turnip and Poppy Seed clay last).  If you are not using a clay conditioning machine you may use the acrylic roller to condition the clay or knead the clay with your hands until pliable.


Rolling clay sheets

Roll Gold clay on the 2nd thickest setting of the clay conditioning machine or approximately 2.5 mm. Lay clay sheet on top of Sand design texture sheet and roll both through clay conditioning machine together, or use acrylic roller to impress the clay. Carefully peel clay from texture sheet and set aside. Repeat with Turnip.  Roll Poppy Seed out on a medium setting or approximately 2 mm thick. Do not texture Poppy Seed sheet. (see below for examples).


Cutting the shapes

Creating shapes from the Turnip and Gold clay. 

Use the 2.5" circle cutter to cut circles of Turnip and Gold textured clay. Use the cutter to cut a crescent moon shape from the Turnip circle (see left).

Use the Super Slicer to lift the Turnip crescent moon shape and lightly lay on top of Gold circle. Use the cutter to cut a crescent shape from the Gold circle. Carefully remove the Turnip crescent. Use light finger pressure to smooth edges. Lay the Turnip moon shape and the Gold pod shape next to each other so inside edges are touching (see right).

Join the crescent and pod shapes together. 
Shapes accented with Pearl Ex #691 Solar Gold. 

Gently push inside seams together. Apply Pearl Ex Powdered pigment to fingertip then tap off excess.

Gently rub fingertip over raised surface of both clay shapes (see left).



Roll a small piece of Poppy Seed clay into a thin, uniform snake. Lay snake over the seam where the clay shapes meet (see right). Use very light finger pressure to secure snake. 

Poppy Seed clay line laid over the shape seam. 
Laying shapes over black Poppy Seed layer before cutting. 

Use Super Slicer to gently pick up textured clay circle and lay on top of Poppy Seed sheet. Carefully lay the 2.5" circle cutter over the textured clay circle and cut through all layers of clay (see left).   

Use 1.5" circle cutter to cut an offset circle from the center of the textured circle (see right). Add a touch of Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment to the black trim. Gently coax the circle of clay into a teardrop shape.

Using 1.5" circle cutter to cut offset circle. 


Crafting the pin

Two small logs of each color

Logs twisted together

Use craft knife to carefully cut a 4.25" length from the pointed end of the skewer. Sand smooth then paint with Jacquard Lumiere #561 Metallic Gold paint. Set aside to dry.

Roll a small piece each of Turnip and Gold into logs (see top left). Twist the two logs together (see bottom left). Roll the twisted log on a hard surface then fold in half and twist again. Repeat once more or until clay takes on a marbled appearance. 

Cut a piece of the marbled clay large enough for the pin’s head. Roll into a gumdrop shape then insert the cut edge of the skewer into the center of the large end of the clay gumdrop. Flatten the gumdrop shape slightly. 

Above: Assembled teardrop shape and pin.


Baking the Clay

Use scissors to cut a 1" lengthwise section from the cardboard tube so it does not roll. Use Super Slicer to carefully pick up the clay and lay over the cardboard tube. Gently press clay until it conforms to the curve of the tube (see below).

Set the clay circle and cardboard tube along with the skewer onto an ovenproof baking tray. Make a tent out of aluminum foil to protect oven from polymer particles and to keep clay from scorching. Bake according to manufacturer’s instructions. Let cool then gently remove baked clay pieces.

To complete the project, apply two thin coats of Satin Glaze. ~

Finished project

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