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xxxMarbled Candle Jars

Marbled Candle Jars

Turn simple glass jars into creative candle holders using Jacquard's Marbling Kit and Lumiere 3D!

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xxxEmbossed Snowflake Box

Embossed Snowflake Box

Pearl Ex Powders and embossed polymer clay turn a simple white box into a lovely gift box!

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xxxShawl Pin

Shawl Pin

Create an elegant, one-of-a-kind shawl pin, featuring Jacquard's Pearl Ex, by artist Linda Hollander.

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xxxHow to Paint a Wedding Scarf

How to Paint a Wedding Scarf

Customize a beautiful, elegant scarf with Jacquard’s Silk Colors, Gutta and Soy Wax.

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xxxNo Way – Leopard from Namur

No Way – Leopard from Namur

Try your hand at airbrushing with Ton Jansen's introduction to working with Jacquard's Airbrush Paints.

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xxxDia De Los Muertos Skull

Dia De Los Muertos Skull

Enhance your decor with a small decorative throw pillow or attach a loop to the back and hang it on the wall.

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xxxEggshell Mosaic Jewelry Set

Eggshell Mosaic Jewelry Set

Jacquard’s Pinata alcohol inks paired with white eggshells make for beautiful mosaic art!

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xxxColor Magnet with Tjaps

Color Magnet with Tjaps

Jacquard’s Color Magnet,and tjap stencils are a match made in heaven!

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xxxSugar Skull Pillow Cover

Sugar Skull Pillow Cover

Use these easy instructions for a version of Sugar Skulls without the weight gain!

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xxxSun Printing

Sun Printing

Fun and easy project allows you to create sun prints from everyday objects on cotton or silk!

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xxxPearlEx Clay Beads

PearlEx Clay Beads

Use our Chromatic Pearl Ex Colors to create bright jewel and metallic beads!

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xxxSolarFast Pillow Cover

SolarFast Pillow Cover

Use SolarFast Dyes and the sun to create a unique pillow cover!

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xxxAcid Dye Egg Geode

Acid Dye Egg Geode

Create Beautiful Geode Eggs Using Jacquard's Acid Dye!

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xxxCaddy Pinata

Caddy Pinata

Great Solution for saving your valuables from your pets

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xxxGratitude Flag Song Bird

Gratitude Flag Song Bird

Turn Stabilized Fabric into beautiful and imaginative Flags using Lumiere 3D and Textile Colors.

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xxxLeather Wristbands Pink

Leather Wristbands Pink

Create beautiful and decorative wristbands using Lumiere 3D and Piñata.

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xxxLeather Wristbands Blue

Leather Wristbands Blue

Create beautiful and decorative wristbands using Lumiere 3D and Piñata.

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xxxLeather Wristbands Green and Brown

Leather Wristbands Green and Brown

Create beautiful and decorative wristbands using Lumiere 3D and Piñata.

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xxxLeather Wristbands Green Flower

Leather Wristbands Green Flower

Create beautiful and decorative wristbands using Lumiere 3D and Piñata.

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xxxLeather Wristbands Copper

Leather Wristbands Copper

Create beautiful and decorative wristbands using Lumiere 3D and Piñata.

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xxxBirdhouse Bling

Birdhouse Bling

This decorative birdhouse will look great in any romantic style home.

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xxxBert the Bunny

Bert the Bunny

Adorable bunny with ExtravOrganza and Lumiere. Great project for Easter or any time!

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xxxBleeding Hearts 3D Canvas

Bleeding Hearts 3D Canvas

Textural canvas layered with Lumiere, Lumiere 3D and Cernit Clay.

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xxxBless You Angels

Bless You Angels

This quick and easy project makes adorable stocking stuffers for loved ones.

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xxxCastaway Altered Photo

Castaway Altered Photo

Add interest to photos by over-printing with Castaway.

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xxxCastaway Box

Castaway Box

Quick and easy project to use Castaway papers!

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xxxChristmas Chair Cover

Christmas Chair Cover

Create four different looks by stopping at different points in this project.

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xxxChristmas Tree Banner

Christmas Tree Banner

Use broad point Tee Juice markers to create this heirloom Christmas tree banner.

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xxxCollage Batik T-Shirt

Collage Batik T-Shirt

Use a combination of collage and batik to create this gorgeous t-shirt.

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xxxDischarge T-Shirt

Discharge T-Shirt

Transform a plain black t-shirt into something gorgeous in a short amount of time.

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xxxDIY Flowers with Wood Veneer

DIY Flowers with Wood Veneer

Add a touch of intrigue and whimsy to any floral arrangement with your own handmade flowers.

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xxxDog Apron

Dog Apron

Put your pet on an apron with Jacquard Inkjet Fabrics.

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xxxDressed Up Jars

Dressed Up Jars

These are a simple, easy and fun way to present homemade canned goods - perfect for gifts!

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xxxDye-Na-Flow Waistcoat

Dye-Na-Flow Waistcoat

Create a gorgeous waistcoat from silk and Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow.

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xxxEasy Stone Silverware

Easy Stone Silverware

Transform plain silverware with "stoneware" handles made with Cernit polymer clay.

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xxxExtravOrganza & Clay Bracelet

ExtravOrganza & Clay Bracelet

Create these fun and colorful cuff bracelets with ExtravOrganza and Cernit Polymer Clay.

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xxxExtravOrganza Pillow

ExtravOrganza Pillow

Designer inspired pillow using ExtravOrganza, Lumiere and Neopaque.

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xxxExtravOrganza Valentine

ExtravOrganza Valentine

Ribbon techniques with ExtravOrganza for cards or scrapbook elements.

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xxxExtravOrganza Vases

ExtravOrganza Vases

Printed silk ExtravOrganza dresses up recycled bottles to make gorgeous and inexpensive vases.

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xxxFall Leaf Scarf

Fall Leaf Scarf

A hand-painted fall leaf scarf is a delightful gift, the perfect clothing accessory and very easy to make.

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xxxFaux Enamel Pendant

Faux Enamel Pendant

Create a beautiful pendant with Piñata Colors, Pearl Ex, and polymer clay.

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xxxHalloween Treat Tote

Halloween Treat Tote

Create a fun canvas tote to stuff with treats this Halloween!

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xxxHand Painted Lampshade

Hand Painted Lampshade

Liven up a lampshade blank with Jacquard Textile Colors and a little fringe.

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xxxHeritage Ornaments

Heritage Ornaments

Made with Inkjet Silk by Noelle Faulkner.

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xxxHorizontal Bands

Horizontal Bands

Easy to do tie-dye pattern with Procion MX Dyes.

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xxxIndigo Tie Dye Lap Quilt

Indigo Tie Dye Lap Quilt

Use our Indigo Tie Dye Kit to make this gorgeous quilt.

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xxxIndigo Shoes

Indigo Shoes

Add some magic to plain white shoes with our Indigo Tie Dye Kit

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xxxLeaves Table Runner

Leaves Table Runner

With a simple pattern and bold color you can brighten up any table!

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xxxLumiere Embossed Charms

Lumiere Embossed Charms

Lumiere and Shrink Plastic make unique charms for just about anything.

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xxxLumiere Lampshade

Lumiere Lampshade

Use Jacquard Lumiere to give a lampshade a metallic copper look.

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xxxNapkin Rings

Napkin Rings

Guests at your table will enjoy peering through a glass window to see a fancy clay floral inside.

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xxxNight Before Christmas Boot

Night Before Christmas Boot

Is a Christmas stocking not big enough for all the presents Santa's going to leave?

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xxxOffice Stapler

Office Stapler

Give that plain, old, ugly office stapler a makeover!

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xxxPaint a Beach Chair

Paint a Beach Chair

Imagine painting your own beach chair with a beach scene!

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xxxPaint a Parasol

Paint a Parasol

These cotton umbrellas from Jacquard are fun to paint and addictive.

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xxxParasols Project

Parasols Project

3 Parasols with Dye-Na-Flow and ExtravOrganza!

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xxxParty Favor Bags

Party Favor Bags

Recycle a cardboard tube into a favor pouch and decorate with photo transferred images.

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xxxPearl Ex Ornaments

Pearl Ex Ornaments

Create a variety of gorgeous finishes with clear glass ornaments and Pearl Ex.

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xxxPearl Ex Switch Covers

Pearl Ex Switch Covers

Use Sculpey clay and Jacquard Pearl Ex to create beautiful embossed switch covers.

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xxxPinata Ink Flowers

Pinata Ink Flowers

Make these colorful flowers with Cernit clay and Piñata Inks.

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xxxPinata Ornaments

Pinata Ornaments

This easy project produces spectacular glass ornaments!

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xxxPinata Painted Tiles

Pinata Painted Tiles

Clay tiles are painted with Piñata and Neopaque.

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xxxPoinsettia Stocking

Poinsettia Stocking

Using your favorite stocking pattern, you can create a beautiful heirloom gift for the holidays.

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xxxRounded Yoke Tie Dye

Rounded Yoke Tie Dye

Another tie-dye pattern with Procion MX Dyes.

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xxxRubber Stamping with Pearl Ex

Rubber Stamping with Pearl Ex

Use Pearl Ex to emboss, highlight, and metallicise your cards, name tags, letters, scrapbooking, and more.

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xxxScrapbook Page with ExtravOrganza

Scrapbook Page with ExtravOrganza

Print color photographs and text on ExtravOrganza for Scrapbooking.

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xxxScrunch T-Shirt Tie Dye

Scrunch T-Shirt Tie Dye

Very simple tie-dye pattern with Procion MX Dyes.

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xxxShaylee Fairy Princess

Shaylee Fairy Princess

Doll project by Patti Medaris Culea.

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xxxSilk Batik Scarf

Silk Batik Scarf

This is a great first project to explore soy batik; the wax acts as a resist on the scarf, making painting almost foolproof.

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xxxSilk Hoop Painting

Silk Hoop Painting

A great classroom activity for kids and adults alike.

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xxxSpiral Tie Dye

Spiral Tie Dye

Learn this classic tie-dye pattern with Procion MX Dyes.

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xxxStitched Heart Tie Dye

Stitched Heart Tie Dye

Stitched tie-dye pattern with Procion MX Dyes.

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xxxSunflower Stained Glass

Sunflower Stained Glass

Transform a glass jar into a beautiful vase with Piñata Colors.

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xxxTextured Vase with Pearl Ex

Textured Vase with Pearl Ex

These simple glass columns are spiced up with textured metallics—thanks to Pearl Ex and Sculpey!

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xxxTransformed Footstool

Transformed Footstool

Transform an ordinary footstool using stencils and acrylic paints.

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xxxUp-cycled Vintage Linen Planter

Up-cycled Vintage Linen Planter

Hand-paint a treasured doily, napkin or placemat and shape it into a planter!

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xxxWhimsical Holiday Stockings

Whimsical Holiday Stockings

Using your favorite stocking pattern, you can create a beautiful heirloom gift for the holidays.

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xxxYule Wreath Silk Hoop

Yule Wreath Silk Hoop

This hand-painted silk wreath has old-fashioned spirit and a modern twist.

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