Night Before Christmas Boot

by Destiny Carter and Margot Silk Forrest of Sassy Feet, Courtesy of Jacquard Products

Is a Christmas stocking not big enough by Destiny Carter and Margot Silk Forrest of Sassy Feet, Courtesy of Jacquard Products for all the gifts Santa’s going to leave?
How about hanging a high-heeled boot from the mantle instead?

As a bonus, when Christmas is over, you can paint the second boot and wear them out on the town. Shoes and boots painted with Lumiere and Neopaque paints turn out beautifully. The colors are rich and the paints last and last without chipping or cracking.


  • Jacquard Products Lumiere metallic paints: (Indigo #547, Pearlescent Blue #570, Pearlescent White #568, Pearlescent Turquoise #571, Metallic Olive Green #562, Citrine #542)
  • Jacquard Products Neopaque opaque paint: (Neopaque Black #588)
  • Boot(s)
  • Painters tape
  • No. 2 fan brush, various brushes, cosmetic sponge
  • Toothpicks
  • Rhinestones
  • Dazzle Tac
  • Venise Lace Trim
  • The Ultimate Glue

1) We started this project by prepping the surface of this leather boot using cotton balls dampened with rubbing alcohol. Next, we used masking tape to tape off the sole and protect it from over painting.

Step 1

2) To paint the large areas of the boot, we used a soft No. 2 fan brush, which is excellent for gently laying the paint on the leather. Starting at the top, we applied Neopaque Black (#588), transitioning to Lumiere Indigo (#547) and then Lumiere Pearlescent Blue (#570).

Step 2

3) The full moon and the snowy hills were painted with Pearlescent White (#568) and Pearlescent Turquoise (#571). The green of the pine trees was created by daubing on Metallic Olive Green (#562)and Citrine (#542) using a small round-pointed brush. The foot of the boot was painted with Pearlescent Blue.

Step 3

4) Details, like Santa’s sleigh and the large snowflakes were painted using a toothpick, which we find provides much more control over the paint flow than a brush. On the other side of the boot, the long zipper was painted using a narrow brush and a cosmetic sponge. We have found that light coats of Lumiere will color a zipper without affecting how it works.

Step 4

5) The flatback crystals were glued on using Dazzle Tac. We never glue crystals onto the parts of a shoe or boot that have to flex a lot when they are worn, but the shaft of a boot doesn’t get that kind of wear.

Step 5

6) The Venise lace trim was glued on using The Ultimate Glue, which is our favorite for gluing fabric trim onto surfaces painted with Lumiere or Neopaque.

7) The finishing touch was to stitch a loop of leather at the top of the back seam — to hang it from the mantle, of course!

Step 6

Photos by Margot Silk Forrest

Finished project

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Night Before Christmas Boot


Margot Silk Forrest and Destiny Carter are partners in Sassy Feet!, a DIY shoe-design company. Margot is the author of “Sassy Feet! How to Paint, Bead, Bedeck and Embellish Your Shoes.” Their website and store are at

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