Napkin Rings

by Melony Bradley/courtesy of Jacquard Products

Guests at your table will enjoy peering through a glass window to see a fancy clay floral inside.


  • Conditioned polymer clay, white
  • Jacquard Lumiere Paint (Citrine #542, Metallic Gold #561, Metallic Bronze #565)
  • Jacquard Pearl Ex Powder (Antique Silver #662)
  • Wood napkin rings
  • 2" square glass slide
  • 2" wood square
  • White foam core board
  • X-acto knife
  • Rub-ons
  • Scrap pieces of wire
  • 1/2" scrapbooking tape of choice (I used tape with white back)
  • Strong adhesive
  • Rhinestone trim
  • Varnish
  • Scalloped edged scissors
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Polymer clay push molds in flower and leaf theme
  • Baking sheet (dedicated to clay) and oven
  • Pencil
  • Scrap of cardstock cut to 1 1/2" square
  • Nail file or paper sander

1) Paint the wood napkin ring Citrine Green. Paint the 2" wood square Metallic Gold.

Step 1

2) Press a dime sized amount of conditioned clay into the flower mold. Press a pea sized piece of clay into the leaf mold. Remove clay from molds and bake on clay dedicated baking sheet according to manufacturer’s instructions. Remove from oven and paint leaf Citrine Green. Paint flower Metallic Bronze. Mix Antique Silver with varnish in a 1:1 ratio and dry brush clay pieces with mixture.

Step 2

3) Using pencil and 2" glass slide as a template, trace slide on foam core board. Use cardstock square and pencil to trace square in center of foam core. Use X-acto knife to cut out square and opening in center of square. If needed, smooth edges of foam core with sander.

4) Glue flower and leaf to center of gold wood square. Use small scrap of wire for stem, placing a small amount of glue on one side of wire to secure. (Not pictured).

Step 3

5) Trim the edges of a 8" long of scrapbooking tape with the scalloped edged scissors.

Step 4

6) Cut into 2" pieces and adhere, wrong side up to one side of the glass slide.

Step 5

7) Place glue on one side of foam core square and glue to wood square, centering floral. Place glue on side of glass slide with tape and glue to foam core to create a small shadowbox.

Step 6

8) Use rub on for sentiment at bottom of slide. Use Pearl Ex and varnish mixture to dry brush edges of glass slide.

9) Cut rhinestone trim to 8" piece. Glue to edges of shadowbox. When dry, glue shadowbox to painted wood napkin ring.

Step 7

Finished project

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Napkin Rings








Melony Bradley is a full-time freelance craft designer/professional. She currently specializes in Readymade embellishment for Home Décor, Fashion and Gifts, Paper Crafts and Needle Arts. Currently designing for manufacturers and craft magazines, Melony has been selling finished crafts featuring her original designs for 10 years. She has been published in national craft consumer magazines and other media including Crafts n Things, CardMaker, Pack o Fun, Create and Decorate, HomeArts Magazine,, Christmas 365, Cloth Paper Scissors and Sommerset Publications. She currently designs for Marvy Uchida, Epiphany Crafts, Jacquard Products and Glue Dots International.

Melony is a member of the Craft and Hobby Designer Section and serves on the Designer Counsel for the Craft and Hobby Association. She lives in the picturesque town of Hernando, MS with her husband Brad, two cats and three dogs. See more of Melony's work on her blog: Mel Designs.

“Two years ago, about the time I became extraordinarily interested in mixed media, I began to incorporate more and more of Jacquards products into my designs. I found their paints were very durable for wearables and their inkjet transfers were superior to others available. Their transfer sheets are seamless with the fabric and I have never had a problem washing my garments. Gradually, I started to play around with Pearl Ex pigment powders and Lumiere paints. I found I loved them! The wide mouth bottle on the Lumiere paints saves me a lot of time pouring paints. A little thing I know but when you craft like I do, A big thing!”

Melony Bradley