Lumiere Lampshade

by Kim Meyer


  • Jacquard Lumiere: Super Copper & Metallic Bronze
  • Lampshade (fabric or paper)
  • 1” foam paintbrush
  • 3/4” self-stick dots from an office supply store
  • Paper palette or paper plate

1) Stick the dots onto the lampshade in a random polka-dot pattern.

2) Put some Lumiere Super Copper and Metallic Bronze in small pools onto a paper plate or paper palette.

3) Dab the foam paintbrush into the paint and apply to the lampshade alternating colors. Cover the dots and vary the brushstrokes. Mix the colors together a bit on the lampshade for a two-tone effect.

4) Let the paint dry completely. It is not necessary to heatset or fix the paint for this project.

5) After the paint is dry, remove the dots.

Step 1

Finished project

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Lumiere Lampshade